Researchers from the University of Maryland show interest in Tasajera Island

Daniel Teodoro & Marcela Chicas
November 10, 2017

COLLEGE PARK - Researchers and doctoral students in Geographic Sciences at the University of Maryland (Top 3 in the USA) have shown interest in collaborating with the EMANA and Sol de Tasajera initiative to carry out scientific research projects in the community, in order to benefit the community on issues that contribute to sustainable development (economic, social and environmental). Those interested can come to form a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary group, specialized in different branches of geography.

During an official meeting, Daniel Teodoro (geography student) made a call to members of the Department of Geographical Sciences to pay attention to the economic, social and environmental situation of El Salvador. Specifically, an official expedition of faculty members, doctoral students and environmental researchers was proposed to the island of Tasajera, El Salvador during March 2018. The purpose of this expedition is 2 parts: "to provide experiences of personal and professional development. to the students and make a concrete contribution, based on science, to the members of the Tasajera community ", according to Daniel Teodoro's speech to the members of the faculty last November 3rd.

foto dscn 7852 However, a scientific intervention will require collaboration with members of the Salvadoran community and universities. Therefore, a period of local consultation will be opened to determine the most urgent local needs of the community.

More information to follow.